About Brockley Driving School

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We are a friendly family run business that believes learning to drive should be a fun and an enjoyable experience, right the way through to passing your test.

At this moment you are on the verge of changing your life by getting your driving licence. The most important lessons are right now at the beginning and not at the end as we will help you to create good driving habits which will enable YOU to PASS your driving TEST and become a much safer driver once you have passed.


Feeling anxious when it comes to learning how to drive can be somewhat depressing, but did you know that many learners go through the same as you? What we are going to do is support you and getting you to feel more comfortable, taking back control of your life and driving..."

                                                                                                 Driving test rescue.

We know exactly why you have been failing your driving test and actually its probably not your fault. People who fail their test and want to change driving instructor do so because they feel they have not been trained fully and believe they are not 100% confident. All we want you to do is give us a call and tell us your story, we'll then start to plan for your success..."