Pupil Feed Back

Gary took me from a nervous wreck on my first lesson to a confident, calm driver who passed first time. OK I wasn't exactly calm on my test! but once I settled down and put into practise everything Gary taught me, it went swimmingly. 
Gary doesn't have a 'one size fits all' approach to teaching, he adapts his methods to suit how best you learn. Patient and zen at all times, Gary is nothing short of a miracle worker. 
All hail the King of Driving Instructors!



First and foremost is a huge thank you to my instructor Mr Gary Plows.
When the examiner was debriefing me after the practical test, Gary was there to support me.
A mixed emotions of joy tingled with tears was displayed when I was told that I had passed.
Surely I passed the first time, given the dedicated and consistent tuition by my instructor, who showed me how to be safe on the road.

In fact, my desire to drive started several years ago.  Due to many bad experiences from all kinds of  previous instructors, I was put off driving.

One day I made a decision to find a good instructor.  I was able to conclude on the Brockley School of Motoring as I observed for a week the learner drivers who drove on my road.  I do not regret making this choice which I preceded with an email and a phone call: "please could you help me to drive?"  The man assured me that he could and I promised to do my best.  So I treated the lessons as a 'project' and a 'partnership of instructor and learner'.  Voila, the theory, hazard perceptions and practical test, speak for itself.

So my experience of Gary as a driving instructor is
- fairness, by allowing the full agreed minutes on tuition
- interested in the learner's performance
- correcting faults and motivating good skills.


My name is Barnaby and I've just passed my test first time! I'd put off driving for 13 years but I'm so pleased now that I finally got around to learning! I would not have been able to learn or get through the test without all of Gary's great help and tuition. I would highly recommend Gary as a driving instructor. He was really clear, calm and confidence inspiring in his lessons and he knows the rules of the road back to front! I always felt very safe in the car with Gary by my side - no easy feat in the busy streets of South-East London! Gary is warm, polite, approachable and always arrived on time! Anyone living in South-East London who needs lessons should not look anywhere else! I'd also recommend using Gary for refresher lessons if these are ever needed. Gary, many thanks again for all your help - you were great!



My name is Nicholas a newly qualified driver.
What can I say to my learner friends; everybody can jump to the steering wheel to drive but how many drives with perfection not even talking about passing their practical test.
When I was a learner, I joined the big instructor companies but did not pass my test. I nearly gave up but said to myself quitters don’t win.
A friend introduced me to Brockley Driving School and surprise surprise I had a few lessons with them but my instructor Gary, used one lesson to note all my weakness.
Every lesson I had with him he assessed me as if it was a real test and thanks to him I PASSED PASSED PASSED
If you don’t want to waste money and time, join the Instructors with patience and dedication. Stop listening to "you can have cigarette break, sorry I will be late today or cannot make it and lets save it for tomorrow"
all the bestThanks Gaz.

 Hi Gary,
Just to say thanks for getting me through my test and more importantly, teaching me to drive; having spent more than 60 hours with a very well known driving school (of which I shall not name), I had lost all confidence; so it was refreshing to learn that contrary to belief, my previous instructor was actually at fault and it had very little to do with my ability to learn, as given the right instruction, 20 lessons later, I applied for my second test and passed with flying colours; my only regret is that I didn’t start with Gary in the first place, as money and time was wasted on an individual who drip fed information and quite literally took me for a ride;
Gary wasted no time in steering me in the right direction and from the outset made it clear what skills were missing; he was focused and precise and genuinely took pride in his job;
I have no reservations in recommending him to other would be students, I can only hope they take this advice and avoid the other two companies, (you know who they are!).
Gary will teach you to drive and at your own pace, he is not, like so many others, simply trying to drag out the lessons to keep a consistent income, but because of this you may, as I did, have to wait to book as he does prove popular.
Carmen Harris

First of all i would like to thank Gary , not only for being nice so patient and lovely to me throughout my driving lessons but also for believing in me from the word go.i have known Gary for several years now so it seemed right to ask him to teach me to drive and this was by far the best decision i have ever made! i passed my driving test first time round after just 40 hours behind the wheel which is pretty impressive for a girl that was so scared to even turn the wheel in her first lesson. My experience with Brockley Driving School was amazing i could not recommend it enough! you walk away from each lesson having learnt something new and Gary will ensure you can do everything to perfection before he tells you that you are ready for your test! if you are planning to start your driving lessons then look no further, reasonable prices and an incredible instructor, what more could you ask for?Darcy Way, Passed 06/12/13


Cheers Gary for getting me past the line and passing my driving test.Gary is good identifying your weaknesses and tailoring your lessons to focus on the areas you need to work on as opposed to going through checklists. This suited me well. He is also flexible with picking up and dropping off locations which made it easier to organise suitable times to for lessons. Gary helps you focus on passing the practical test, but also makes sure you aware of the realities of driving in South East London and the need to maintain composure where other drivers around you may not be exhibiting the best behaviour. I recommend giving Gary a call if you live in his catchment area and you’re looking to learn to drive. Thanks again Gary.  Kiran



My name is Natalie, and I am a driver!! Yeay!
Gary has taught me everything I know (and a few things I didn’t strictly need to know thanks mate)
He’s a funny, relaxed guy and always made me feel very comfortable. I noticed how important this was when he was on holiday and I went with one of the big companies for a few lessons and I was terrified the whole time!!
Gary doesn’t drill routines or instructions into you, and isn’t sitting there with a checklist. I think he just waits until he feels safe in the car with you, and then sends you for your test!
He’s also really flexible and doesn’t get frustrated if you don’t get it: I didn’t understand reverse parking, could not do it to save my life, and he came up with seven different ways to teach me.
In the end we found one that suited me, and I can now park within a fag paper’s width from the curb (his words!)
Thanks Gary, you’re the best
Natalie x
PS. If before your test he tells you you’re definitely not going to be asked to do an emergency stop don’t believe him